seidr is a global, US based, software solutions product and services firm comprised of industry experts who focus on helping clients achieve their process improvement goals and initiatives. Organizations with a desire to simplify content, streamline processes, and integrate systems partner with the seidr team to help guide them through the rigors of actualization and implementation of software solution options. seidr's solutions guarantee process helps deliver clients on-time solutions that meet or exceed their cost justification criteria.



Powered by People, seidr is comprised of industry experts who not only have the technical experience, skillsets, and certifications to assist our clients with the delivery of best-in-class solutions, but who also have a strong desire to help our clients realize successful change to their organizations.

Trolltunga, the Troll Tongue, near  Bergen, Norway

         Trolltunga, the Troll Tongue, near Bergen, Norway




The word seidr, from old Norse, refers to discerning and altering the course of destiny by re-weaving part of destiny’s web. Our mission is to guide your team to help you become aware of solution options that will enable you to streamline your processes to improve your organizational destiny.