Defeat your enemies and become a god

Our first game is an ambitious genre blend where players are pitted against each other and have to think strategically, manage resources in a semi-persistent world while taking on other players in realtime combat. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in, we encourage you to check out our open roles.


Endless opportunities

The world

We want to create a cohesive and rich world that provides players with tons of opportunities for different styles of play.  


Action, strategy and management fans


Multiplayer PvE / PvP


pc and console

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Easy to learn, difficult to master


The game requires players to balance between the moment-to-moment action packed gameplay while keeping an eye on available resources and managing the greater strategic landscape of the world. Jumping into the game and playing a session is easy, to become a god over time is not.

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Be a hero, become a god


On entering the game you create a unique character that will become part of a larger group struggling for ultimate power and, in extension, part of a greater purpose. You will both have individual goals and greater, global, goals. It's up to you and your team if you will succeed.

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Building the legacy


Our overall goal is to build franchises that will engage and entertain gamers for decades to come. Our first game is a piece of that larger puzzle with its deep lore, rich world and intense characters. The adventure begins now!

Become a tester

sign up now and become an early tester

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If you are a gamer and you love strategic action games on PC, then you should sign up for the early testing of our first game. We have a limited number of spots open and testing will take place on-site in Stockholm, Sweden.