With a great M-Files connector, and lots of integration options for other line of business solutions, the Intrexx Enterprise Portal really delivers on the vision of the modern workspace as an easy to use, role based and task centric user experience. Find more on



What are the benefits of the Digital Workplace?

→  Work independent of time and location

→  Secure access to information and processes

→  Knowledge is shared quickly and easily

→  All software systems on one platform. 

→  Increase employee engagement and satisfaction

What can Intrexx do?

Fully automatic.

With Intrexx, you can automate processes without additional software.

Processes react to events such as saving or deleting a data record, and then carry out a desired action.




Data integration with Intrexx

Data integration in record time.

Data from external software, such as SAP or Microsoft SharePoint, is integrated at the drop of a hat. Everything converges on one platform.

Information is more accessible and can be used more efficiently.

Create applications in next to no time.

Create web-based applications with Intrexx. With the intuitive interface, you can assemble applications via drag and drop. 

And even better: Programming experience isn't required. 





Users and permissions

User management that makes sense.

Intrexx provides you with a manageable and coherent user management. Each user is given access only to the data that's released to them.

Easy and risk-free.

More clarity with the Relationship Designer.

Connected information is presented easily and transparently with the Relationship Designer. 

The relationship diagram shows how data records are connected at a glance.





Search in Intrexx Share

Don't just search, find!

The results are displayed clearly and can be sorted and filtered by criteria of your choice.

Clearly and easily structured. Don't just search, find!


Responsive design? No problem!

Create applications for all display sizes.

Employees access the portal while on the go - whether they're using a tablet in the production or a smartphone while on a business trip.


Responsive Design 2



Promote globalization with multilingual portals.

With Intrexx, you can create multilingual applications and portals quickly and easily.

Your users intuitively find their bearings in their language.

As easy as pie!

Design your portal however you like it.

Select the right template for your portal and then apply the fonts and colors of your choice.