Privacy policy

What kind of information is collected and stored by us?

We collect your name, phone number and email address when you communicate with us through our web page.

What is the purpose of the data collection?

Your information is only collected and stored by us to enable us to communicate with you.

How can you get information about your stored data?

Email us at

How do you remove or change the information?

Email us at and we will promptly delete your details.

How you revoke your consent or limit the saved information

Email us at and we will assist you.

Time period in which the information is saved by us

We store your details for no more than 12 months OR for as long as we have active communication between us and yourself.

Contact information to the controller responsible for personal data

Email us at and we will assist you.

Personal data assistant / technical manager

This web page is managed by The Generation, a web agency based in Stockholm. As for personal details, they are managed by The Generation, on servers owned by the company with a physical location in Stockholm, Sweden. This web page is maintained on a daily basis in accordance with industry standards to ensure the highest level of data security.