DatumPipes is a powerful and very flexible application that orchestrates simple to highly complex data transformation tasks. Each pipe handles a particular processing task, and by combining multiple pipes into a job users can automate workflows that traditionally required very technical resources with years of experience and training.

DatumPipes is your tool of choice when you need to extract and process data from all sorts of source file and then use that data to populate properties in an M-Files vault. DatumPipes leverages the powerful EIM capabilities of M-Files and greatly enhances the metadata around classes in the vault. By marrying up these two powerful solutions, users dramatically increase the return on their investment and take full advantage of their enterprise s valuable information.

DatumSync Enable to Do MoreCustomer Showcase — Financial Services

Within the financial services industry, DatumPipes is used by service providers to process over 800 data files for dozens of international financial clients. These service providers use DatumPipes as a key tool to accurately extract data from remote databases, process the data and cross-reference it with internal data sources, and ultimately import it into their target systems. File types range from small text-delimited files to large XML files several gigabytes in size. DatumPipes easily orchestrates all of the tasks required to fully automate these complex processes end-to-end, allowing clients to focus on their core business and not worry about the intricacies of data processing.