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DatumSync saves you time, money and resources when it comes to managing data. Built-in workflow and process automation allows you to set up your connectors, establish business rules and then step away while the system takes care of the rest. DatumSync is an easy solution that frees you up to focus on your core business.

DatumSync keeps your M-Files vault synchronized with other applications. Inserting, editing and deleting data can be easily handled via triggered or scheduled events, giving you complete confidence that your systems always reflect the same information. DatumSync comes with pre-built connectors that connect your M-Files vault to any cloud or on-premise M-Files installation.

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"DatumSync has provided us with a tailored solution that connects our office-based M-Files system with our Google calendar accounts. This now lets us schedule over 50 employees, vehicles and instruments independently and in real time, with no mistakes or double-bookings. It also allows employees live access to up-to-date information that means less emails between people confirming details. Without DatumSync we wouldn't be able to access this information from anywhere or confidently make effective use of the resources we have."

Lachlan McCleary – Hellier McFarland