The seidr team is made up of industry consultants who have certified professional expertise in delivering highly complex ECM solutions. Due to our team's skills and our partnerships with best in class ECM Development firms, our people assist clients in the Assessment, Visioning, Blueprinting, Building, Delivering, and ultimately the ongoing Support of our solutions. We understand how to help our clients manage to change.

ECM Implementation

Please note that before assuming the various M-Files applications that suit your business needs, we recommend an assessment of your business through discovery and analysis of your current and future business processes. The considerable capabilities of the M-Files suite comprises the following categories:

Capture - your important documents and data into one secure system. Any file type, from any location, automatically classified.
Process - Optimize and streamline your processes by working electronically. Automate the predictable, repeatable parts of your processes and facilitate your company requirements.
Access - your content easily, from anywhere. Use intuitive software in the office, or your mobile device while on the road. Work with your content while offline and improve customer service by extending access to your customers.
Integrate - M-Files with your other applications. Intelligently link the documents and data within M-Files to the transactions and activities in other applications.
Measure - Monitor your process and system performance without involving IT. Easily produce reports, analyze the health of your processes and make better decisions.
Store - Securely store, protect and destroy your content. Control access, benefit from on-line redundancy and automate your records management policies.




In many cases, content and data migration ensure our clients receive maximum benefit from their ECM implementation on Day 1. Whether migrating data and documents from shared drives, cloud repositories, or a legacy system, our migration service provides everything you need to perform a quality migration all in one integrated solution. Management of the migration, ROT processing, auto classification, metadata mining and attribution are all aspects to optimizing and automating critical content migrations.  Ask us for a migration consult.



Our consulting services group consists of process re-engineering experts with many years of experience in improving process. With today’s economic landscape changing constantly, and the BYOD challenge combined with RAD (Rapid Application Development) mentality, IS leaders are faced with security and governance challenges never before seen. Our team helps organizations make sense of all this change, and maintain their competitive advantage and align strategic objectives with solutions that make sense.

One of our primary focus areas is process re-engineering and optimization while assisting our clients adopt and manage to change. Our consultants unpack the processes within an organization and identify areas for process improvement. This could be with simple streamlining of an existing process, or engineering a new process to meet business needs.

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Effective Project Management is a secret ingredient to our ability to deliver complex solutions within budget, on time, every time.   Uniquely, we founded our company by providing businesses ECM-specific Consulting and Project Management services for hire.  It's in our DNA to ensure  you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution. Our ECM delivery policy ensures ALL implementations account for project management hours to tie in and effectively communicate during all phases of the project.  We make our client project champions and stakeholders shine conscientious of the critical role of change management they play in complex, evolving business environments.