Working at Seidr means diving into a fast moving, highly creative environment where all our focus is on the player experience and finding the fun. We're always looking for new adventurers to join the crew so check out our open positions or just drop by for a coffee and a chat.

The team

a collective of Swedish gaming veterans


Michael Trygg-Wiberg aka “Sol-Leif”

Senior Game Artist
Having spent over 20 years building, rigging and animating 3D characters and objects for a number of projects, Mille is a true gaming veteran. He's worked at King Activision, Electronic Arts and Mythical Games to name but a few and he lives and breathes Maya.  Mille's favorite game of all time is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Carl-Gustav Bäckström aka “Skräck-Leif”

3D Artist
Gustav has spent over 18 years as a 3D artist for brands like King Activision, Electronic Arts, Mythical Games and Resolution. If you can imagine it, he can draw it. He also happens to be a most excellent death metal drummer. Carl-Gustav's favorite game of all time is Tetris.

Skuli Oskarsson aka “Joe Mama”

Game Developer
Skuli has worked as a developer for over 6 years with brands such as Parity and Resolution Games. He is one of two Icelandic employees at Seidr which is the bare minimum for a Nordic game studio. Skuli's favorite game of all time is Grim Fandango.

Andreas Bostrand aka “Bowie”

Executive Producer
Andreas has spent over 18 years in the games business, with 14 of those at King Activision where he was one of the first employees back in 2005. After King, Andreas founded his own development studio where he released Golf Dreams for iOS before deciding to join Seidr. Andreas favorite game of all time is Rocket League.

Andreas Jirenius aka “TAC 2”

Senior Game Developer
Andreas has over 15 years experience developing games for mass market audiences. He started by releasing his own first game for Big Fish back in 2008 and after that he went on to work at places like King, Mag Interactive and FunPlus. Andreas favorite game of all time is CS:GO.

Halldór Andri Bjarnason aka “Taistella”

Art Director
Halldór, or Dori as he's more commonly known, is a legend in the annals of Swedish gaming art direction. Having spent over 20 years as a freelance artist for various projects and also heading up art for brands like Stardoll, King and Funplus, he joined us at Seidr to make sure everything looks awesome. Dori's favorite game of all time is Civilization.

Peter Erikson aka “Petur”

Lead Developer
Peter has developed games for both mobile and PC over the past 16 years. He earned his stripes at brands such as Electronic Arts, Rovio and Mythical. Peter also has an uncanny ability to only produce features, not bugs. Peter's favorite game of all time is M.U.L.E.

Marcus Jacobs aka “Steelmind”

Starting his gaming career at Jadestone back in the early 2000's, Marcus has been both operational and strategic over the past 20 years. Having worked with brands such as Electronic Arts, King Activision and Embark Studios where he was CCO, Marcus co-founded Seidr with Adam Schaub in November 2022. Marcus favorite game of all time is StarCraft.

Adam Schaub aka “Blodpudding”

Adam has spent the past 30 years in games and worked with brands such as Electronic Arts, King Activision and Mythical Games to name a few. He's built and managed multiple studios across the world during his career and in November 2022 he co-founded Seidr with Marcus Jacobs. Adam's favorite game of all time is Skyrim.

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